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Movie, Oscar, Yahoo!

1 day left, still, by NOW. You don’t want to miss the 78th annual academy awards, do you? Yahoo! Movies provide this wonderful collection on photos, trailers and back stories of each nominees. Enjoy, my friends!
Yahoo! Movies realy did something.

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Wales and St. David's Flag

1st March, St. David’s Day, National Day of Wales,celebrated in honor of Dewi Sant or Saint David, the patron saint of Wales.
在Cardiff生活也4个多月了,市中心就有一座命名为St. David’s Hall的大商场。最近看电视发现大家在准备过一个St. David’s Day,今天英国皇室也几乎全家出动The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Philip和Prince Charles都来庆祝Welsh Assembly新家Senedd开张。Senedd就坐落在Cardiff Bay,周末就可以去遛答一趟。今天晚上去市中心看看有啥庆祝活动,毕竟是过节。

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