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Evernote (v3.5.1.1410 at the time of writing) has reported “Synchronization Failed” problem for some days. Google-ing the symptom returns an article that says it may deal with IE “Work Offline” setting. However, it was not the case for me.

But, one comment to the aforementioned article was quite useful:

I finally solved my issue by reading the log (that is in the Evernote folder) and noting the first file that created an error condition. I removed it and the problem went away.
Evernote still has problems but the log may be a useful tool for debugging synchronizing issues.

My solution:

  1. Check Evernote log (C:\Documents and Settings\{User}\Local Settings\Application Data\Evernote\Evernote\Logs), for some insight of the problem; – turned out to be an unsolved tag of “unsynchronized” errors. (Have not bothered to look into the database files. I should have saved the error message for Evernote people. But sorry.)
  2. Delete all application data (C:\Documents and Settings\{User}\Local Settings\Application Data\Evernote\Evernote);
  3. Uninstall Evernote, and then install the newest version. Synchronization all start again.

The problem solved~~ But there is loss, local unsynchronized notes.


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