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同事写信说:今天查那个支付问题的时候已经把我搞昏了。我们的Laura上是GMT,查看Paypal上的交易时间是BST,Paypal发过来存到数据库中的交易时间是PDT。还得算一下是不是因为服务器失去响应造成的(后查不是,时间点不对),还得转换为 CST,彻底石化了。


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pz-social map

Here shares (part) of my social network map. Arrow show that the direction of activities and status changed on the one side have been set to update the other side automatically. Red cross icons also show the services those are “not easily” available in mainland China.

I have also shown several of my favourite social network services provided by Chinese companies. Note that, I have returned to QQ last time at home, following a customer’s request. And, the most convenient way to make a company internal broadcast is to go through QQ group. And, there are coming many 微博 services, from sina, sohu, qq, baidu, and name a few. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to place these service “connected” into my social network map.

Interesting to see where are the sources of activities, generating, contributing, and sharing, and where are the hub of information.


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It is what happened to me. Twice.

First time, the issue was solved by stopping dropbox, manually remove the fail-syncing file, and restart dropbox. Wait until dropbox finishes syncing, then copy the file back to the targeting folder.

For the second time, the above tip did not work, for unknown reason. But the problem was solved by running dropbox as administrator.

I hate Windows7 for this stupid UAC…

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Recently, I want to setup a portable WAMP server for testing purpose only. PortableApp suggested XAMPP, which has been in my PC for a long while. Making it portable sitting in my 8G pen-disk is as easy as installing to a local drive.

But XMAPP did not work. Simply could not start Apache.

It turns out nothing about compatibility with Windows7 or 64-bit system. Port 80 has been occupied by Skype! Never known this until running a port availability check. XAMPP’s port check tool is useful.

It is worth to note that, another portable server package, Uniform Server, comes with a pre-check tool, which is capable of detecting port availability, too.

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